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WA tourism problems

The list is extensive ..  as i get time i will add
2010-10 why oprah is not comming to WA  http://freebeer.com.au/category/australia/
2010-04 New Perth Bus dept.. dropped international visitors to the depo...  there is no drop off bays .. how are they suppose to get in /out?
spoke ot the lady in the dept (name withheld) she said is a disaster .. there are drop of bays but they are for authorised vehicles .. taxi don;t know or don;t use them and leave people in the street and .....  she rattled of a list of issues that the dept know about .
2010-03 Perth airport - no hospitality .. the staff make you feel like you are a refugee.  why don't they have some PR people .. they have PR volunteers at the Zoo, why not at the airport .. its the 1st contact with our culture and it's hostile.  visit an airport in singapore or singapore and see the difference.  That traffic manager at the airport that helps you to find the taxi..  i go every month and never seen him smile and he never asks he also tells me what to do and he is never polite.. it must be a tad frightning to tourists.